Michael Dadoun in Montreal

Exceptional leaders leave a long trail of success. They always manage to set a precedent for others to follow. Quality leaders allow their followers to have a firm belief in their faith and abilities enabling them to dream big and achieve big. Michael Dadoun is the CEO of Montreal, Canada based payment processing firm UpClick. An honest, innovative and dedicated leader Michael has been a constant source of inspiration for his subordinates throughout his distinguished career.

Some of the important leadership qualities that have enabled Michael to achieve so much in such a short period of time are:

A Great Sense of Innleader3ovation

Modern organizations operating in a globalised world with cutthroat competition require leaders with out-of-the-box thinking capability. There is hardly any organization operating in the marketplace whose very survival is not related to expansive innovative thinking.

Poor leaders who lack strategic thinking capabilities and an ability to make quick decisions often seek solace in status quo. Doing what has not been done before involves certain elements of risks and this act as a strong deterrent against new ways and means of doing things. Risk-averse leaders are not creative nor do they encourage creativity among their followers. Employees fearing that they may be punished for trying to do things in a different way and failing are bound to suppress their innovative spirit.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick approaches challenges and situations with an open mind. He firmly believes that a spirit of innovation and risk-taking is imperative for corporate survival.

Big Achievements, Small Ego

Quality leaders despite achieving much, keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. They are ready to roll up their sleeves if the situation so demands. Experts also believe that the ability to manage through tough times is indispensable for an effective business leader. The quality of a leader to listen to his employees and value their ideas and suggestions plays an important part in managing and averting unwanted situations in the organizations.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick is a leader with absolutely no ego. A people’s leader, Michael is loved and respected by one and all for his humility, professionalism, compassion and the ability to deliver consistently for his organization and its employees.


Michael Dadoun is a charismatic and dynamic CEO of fast growing e-commerce solution provider UpClick.  Michael’s knowledge, hard work, experience and intelligence has enabled the organization he heads to be immensely successful in an extremely competitive landscape. In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important qualities and characteristics that all the good leaders like Michael have in common.


Quality leaders confident about their abilities do not wish the spotlight to be constantly shining on themselves. They accept blame for their failures and never shy away from giving credits to their subordinates for their ingenious solutions or accomplishments.
women1Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick believes in delegation of authority and sharing of power. He understands that any worthwhile achievement on the part of his subordinates reflects positively on his own abilities.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

These are important traits that determine to a large extent how successful or unsuccessful a leader will be. Exceptional leaders are scrupulously honest in all their dealings. They do what they say and say what they do. They never indulge in double-speak nor speak lies. They accept responsibility for their failures and work with sincerity and dedication for the overall development and growth of the organization and its employees.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick has exciting ideas, a clear vision and a strong sense of purpose. What makes him highly successful is his ability to turn his ideas and vision into reality by enlisting the help of his followers.

For Michael Dadoun, Upclick was built not to be just a run-of-the-mill ecommerce platform. It had to be something much more.

The objective of Dadoun was Upclick must offer digital entrepreneurs fully customized ecommerce integration.

He worked hard for it, and his team, a bunch of true ecommerce professionals did not disappoint him.

Today, Upclick is armed with an assortment of enviable specialties including ecommerce management, custom cart solutions, online marketing, conversion rate optimization and much more.
ecommerceAmong the above specialties, conversion rate optimization needs special mention. Not because others are in any way less important, but for the simple reason conversion rate optimization or CRO in short, focuses on improving the performance of entrepreneurs’ websites.

Michael Dadoun always stressed that digital merchants must strive to enhance the performance of their websites with whatever means possible, including optimization of landing pages and user experience.

But first, here is a quick explanation at what CRO means.

Conversion Rate Optimization is an approach to create an experience for webpage visitors, with the sole objective of increasing the percentage of visitors that finally convert into buyers of goods or services.

Creating a webpage for e-retailing does not automatically translate to sales unless visitors to merchants’ websites finally end up as customers. Web designers in liaison with digital merchants must figure out what users are looking for when they land up at their websites.

Today there is lot of persuasion to businesspersons, government agencies and other entities to go digital in a big way.

It goes without saying that Canada needs to reinforce its digital space even further than what is at present. After all, ecommerce is the workhorse of the future.

Michael Dadoun of Montreal emphasizes that if digital merchants want results they must start by setting goals. “The goal of CRO is to get conversions – not inventive awards”.

Michael Dadoun at Upclick has an expanded vision. His platform Upclick is also providing Premium Technical Support and a World Class Affiliate Marketplace with the objective to help businesses make more money.

Today we need visionaries like Michael Dadoun, to rejuvenate Canada so that it can scale new frontiers.

Michael Dadoun of Montreal is presently CEO of UpClick.com a leading full payment processing solution. He is also associated with Lavasoft and Kutoto Inc.

Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, is one of the most enthusiastic, dedicated, and energetic persons you may have ever met. The way he has driven his organization to success exhibits his worth. The man truly knows how to harness the online marketplace.


One of the qualities of Michael Dadoun is that he knows how to motivate his employees to perform their duties every day with the same zeal and eagerness. Boredom can sneak into any workforce. It is crucial for the CEO to keep his team motivated by introducing newer techniques and incentives. It is also important to recognize employees’ efforts. This does not come easy for everybody.                                                                                                           Role Model in LeadershipThat is why there are a few great CEOs and fewer great leaders. They lead with passion, open-mindedness, single-minded determination, and are able to spread these qualities into others. Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, is one of them. He knows the importance of a high-quality workforce. Without one, it is almost impossible to move ahead in the cut-throat competitive world of business, which has now gone global and virtual.


Michael is a leader who has visions for his organization. He also knows how to put the visions into real life. The second part is inevitable, if one wants success in business. When visions and plans meet, you have a roaring business. This is what Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, has and is flourishing like anything. Thanks to his innate leadership qualities, business acumen, and interpersonal skills, the organization is one of the leading e-solution providers today.

Michael Dadoun, a native of Montreal, Canada, is co-founder of the online payment processing solutions company, UpClick.com. He presently holds the post of CEO at UpClick, in addition to the post of Principal at Solaria Fund.

Educational Background

Dadoun graduated from the Université de Montréal in 1994 with a Bachelor’s degree in commerce, majoring in international finance. He was also part of the exchange program with ESCP, Europe in the year 1992.  Michael Dadoun has also completed a CFA program in finance and investment management from the CFA Institute.

Work background

Dadoun has a vast experience in the financial arena. He started his career as a Sr Analyst Finance at Nortel Networks. He went on to become director M&A in the same organization. After having worked at Nortel Networks for a period of almost eight years, he joined Solaria Fund in April 2003 and continues to serve as its Principal to this day. He also co-founded an internet company UpClick.com in April 2008.


Michael Dadoun is a multi-talented person. He has a wide expertise in various fields, ranging from e-commerce, entrepreneurship, online advertising, search engine marketing, and PPC services to product management. With strong leadership qualities and dedication to his profession, Dadoun has come a long way in his career.


He is responsible for encouraging and guiding many start-ups. His entrepreneurial skills have been a leading light for fresh entrepreneurs. Any person requiring valuable guidance and assistance can get in touch with Michael Dadoun, Montreal through his website, (http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/michael-dadoun/5/783/768).

Modern organizations need leaders who have passion for excellence and hard work, leaders like Michael Dadoun. He is the CEO at UpClick, a Montreal based e-commerce organization. The firm offers customized solutions for online enterprises that are powered with feature rich and easy to use sales management tools.

With advances in technologies, intense competition, and the ever changing market dynamics, management is getting more complex and intricate day by day. Leaders who are not comfortable with these intricacies of challenges fail to deliver. Great leaders such as Michael Dadoun of UpClick see these complexities as opportunities.

Routine work will yield routine results. Leaders must constantly experiment with newer ways of handling difficult situations by thinking out of the box. Michael has an unmatched ability to find opportunities where others perceive obstacles. He motivates his workforce to exploit every opportunity to the fullest.

One must have a mind of a child to be able to learn. Inquisitiveness and the will to absorb newer ideas with an open mind is the key to personal development.


If one is not flexible to new ideas there is hardly any scope for further progress. Michael Dadoun is always seeking new ideas and respects contribution from his employees in this regard.

He values his workforce a lot and this reflects from his compassionate attitude towards his employees. No wonder UpClick is on the fast track to success under his able guidance and visionary leadership.

His positive attitude motivates employees to give their best to the organization. Michael Dadoun is sincerely concerned about personal as well as professional growth of his employees.

Independent market research firm e-Marketer released a study this June 2013 claiming business–to-commerce or B2C will increase by 17 per cent globally, with the worldwide sales touching a whopping $1.2 trillion.

And according to the firm the Asia-Pacific region is driving the growth hardest.

How does such news augur for a person like Michael Dadoun of Montreal?

Michael Dadoun will surely sense that an increase in online shopping dollars will mean great opportunities for making eCommerce platforms even savvier than what they are today.

But such optimistic growth figures also bring challenges that need to be confronted head-on.


In 2012 while e-commerce grew by 16 per cent, cyber crime was up by 23 per cent.

At this stage it may be difficult to guess what online retailers were doing to prevent fraud or to guess how many are investing in prevention.

If digital merchants fail to invest in fraud prevention, it can mean paying more in charge backs. A worst case scenario of increasing charge backs can lead to loss of payment options for the online merchant, and finally loss in business opportunities.

Savvier payment platforms can have features that make online transaction even more secure than what it is today.

With persons like Michael Dadoun of Montreal in the picture we can expect eCommerce to grow without hindrances like cyber crime.

Today, there is no escape for digital merchants but to have simplified e-commerce platforms.

Upclick.com, a novel venture by Michael Dadoun, has provided e-merchants with a best-in-class eCommerce platform that is both easy to use and install.

We can expect more solutions from Michael Dadoun of Montreal to keep pace with the blistering e-Commerce growth.