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No matter how you look at various payment processing solutions, rapid technological advances are working hard to make things still easier for merchants and consumers alike.

Global payments industry has matured a lot, a fact borne out by the resounding growth of ecommerce across the globe and across all industry sectors.

ityMichael Dadoun, Montreal IT specialist has done his bit. Upclick one of his choice creations has turned out to be hugely popular with online merchants.

For Michael Dadoun, Upclick is the foundation on which Canada’s e-retailing sector must grow. And luckily Upclick is doing what it is meant for.

Technological advances are elevating payment processing solutions to the top of priority lists of not only online retailers but also banks, corporates and entrepreneurs.

But historically, challenges have been aplenty for creators of payment processing solutions.

Costs were high and margins low, something not for the weak hearted entrepreneurs.

But Michael Dadoun of Montreal was adamant. He believed that for the wheels of ecommerce to run smoothly, the process of paying must be easy, efficient and straightforward – whether it is by credit card, debit card or any other process online.

Moreover, because the process is very critical to both buyers and sellers, it is highly regulated. This is a challenge Information Technology experts and all other related specialists must address.

Today, any online transaction is highly complex. It is an integrated and automated process involving banks, acquirers, payment processors and many other players.

Dadoun understood the risks.

Data protection solutions can be tough if there is a shortcoming in understanding where and how account data are stored. Moreover high transaction volumes can lead to bottlenecks.

With Upclick, Dadoun addressed most of the apprehensions related to payment processing.

After all Michael Dadoun of Montreal loves challenges. With him around we can see better days for Canada going ahead.


ldtTruly accomplished help their followers in dreaming big and achieving big. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada based payment processing firm UpClick, is a highly honest, ethical, innovative and dedicated leader, and a source of great inspiration for his employees and followers.

Some of the important leadership qualities responsible for Michael’s quick ascend to the top are as following:

A Great Sense of Innovation

The survival of modern organizations operating in a globalised world is directly linked to expansive innovative thinking. Michael Dadoun is a highly innovative leader with strategic thinking capabilities and ability to take quick decisions. He is an enormously creative leader who approaches challenges and situations with an open mind and encourages creativity and a spirit of adventure in his employees.

Do more, talk less

Accomplished leaders are doers and not merely talkers. Quality leaders like Michael Dadoun are always ready to roll up their sleeves if the situation so demands. They listen to their employees and value their ideas and suggestions. They never shy away from giving credit where it is due and showing the right path when the employees are confused and disheartened owing to things not going in the right direction.

michael-dadounThe co-founder at UpClick.com which is a complete payment solutions platform. It delivers expertise in conversion funnel optimization in the digital goods industry. He believes that the customers’ requirements can be met with a set of objectives that can be measured. A CFA by qualification and Finance as his base expertise, he has overseen 50 M & A deals, before co-founding UpClick.com in 2006.

Michael Dadoun has expertise in IT based industries like e-commerce, online advertising, and SEM and PPC.

Simple rules of management

Montreal-based UpClick.com is at the forefront of the e-commerce industry, due to the painstaking work done by Michael Dadoun. His pleasing mannerisms and his interest in the progress of his employees has seen UpClick.com grow steadily but surely in a short time. He has worked on tailor-made payment processing solutions for online business enterprises.

His approach is one of being a great listener. He is supportive of new ideas and shows interest in his employees. This has brought him 100 per cent loyalty of his employees.

Michael Dadoun does not buckle under any kind of pressure and is always composed and works towards solving problems rather than worrying on the outcome.

The business of e-commerce is growing at a fast pace and strong business acumen is required to predict the trends. His quick decision making capability helps him to steer clear of any major issues. This has helped UpClick.com and its customers stay in the competition.

Role model

Flexible leadership style and communication skills are the hallmark of modern leaders. Proper communications helps in creating bridges with the employees. The instructions are clear and there is no confusion on the job to be executed.

CEO Michael Dadoun offers a lot of practical lessons to young management students and graduates. His diverse experiences as finance analyst and later in-charge of M & A business has given him deep rooted interest in internet based technologies.