Michael Dadoun in Montreal

For Michael Dadoun, Upclick Proved To Be a Winner

Posted on: April 22, 2016

michael-dadounOne of the most annoying things for e-retailers is to know consumers are visiting their websites in huge numbers, and sadly, not buying anything.

Michael Dadoun of Montreal has been continuously reiterating his belief that unless e-retailers overcome certain obstacles they will never be able to optimize their check out pages.

According to Dadoun, the shopping experience must be as quick and straightforward as possible. These days, one cannot expect that a customer will stay hooked to a website for long.

“Speed and efficiency is the essence of today’s marketing and selling”, says Michael Dadoun, Upclick creator, whose payment gateway is making waves in the ecommerce space.

If you want a website visit to culminate in sales, you must make the customer stay focused.

Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds.

Many web sellers tend to make glaring mistakes.

Here are a few of them.

Distracting buyers

It is counterproductive if the seller tries to upsell accessories before even before the customer has purchased the primary item. This is best done when the visitor starts checking out.

Avoid too much clutter

One page check-out with dynamic forms works best. Anything more will make the page look too cluttered.

Remove redundant discount coupons

An empty discount code box will confuse the visitors. If you do not have an offer running, disable it.

Appear trustworthy

Provide plenty of details to build trust. For example, include guarantees, privacy policies, live chat features, and more.

Create the best payment platform

For Michael Dadoun, Upclick is a source of great satisfaction for the simple reason it is doing wonders to both e-retailers and online buyers.

Most international merchants have found Upclick to be a great solution. Its services are running on secure internet based platform, which enables buyers’ submissions from online and mobile.

“We developed everything in-house”, says Michael Dadoun, Upclick creator. “We worked closely with scores of customers and IT experts before we firmed up our payment platform”.

Upclick is proving to be a much focused one-stop shop for customers.

“Their services are awesome”, says a dedicated Upclick user. “They handle all transactions comprehensively till settlement and reconciliation. It is simply one inclusive payment processing platform performing all jobs perfectly”.

Dadoun wanted to create a payment solution that is an easy-to-use service for American and Canadian businesses. Today, Upclick has the functionality of a payment gateway that is the best in business.

Innovation drove Upclick to be a leader in worldwide mobile payments.

“Our solutions are flexible, easy, and quick to implement”, says Michael Dadoun, Upclick developer.

When it comes to payment gateways consumers tend to be choosy.

You cannot blame them.

“A credit card payment gateway must accept all major cards”, says a seasoned e-retailer.

The importance of a payment gateway cannot be underestimated. It must competently handle all subsequent steps after customers click on “order”.

It must verify that the information is correct, the payment method must fund the order, and the store must be able to issue a confirmation that the order is placed.

Thankfully, with individuals like Dadoun, Canada can hope to make a significant headway in the ecommerce space.


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