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fgEffective leadership is one of the keys to the success of a business. Every CEO should bring to use their powers for maximum benefits to their company. An ideal CEO is one who can effectively get their employees work with interest without pressures. Michael Dadoun Upclick CEO has all the traits of an efficient leader. He has not only won the trust and following among his staff but has also won admiration with his partners and other businessmen. He, as a leader, understands that every business has its own course of issues and challenges.

A few personal qualities of Michael

Michael believes in teamwork. He is an alert and good listener too. He always pays attention to his staff’s opinions and suggestions. He also understands that major decisions are taken as a team. He did not have the “I am the boss” attitude. He is hungry to learn anything new. He welcomes and respects other’s advice. Michael Dadoun, Upclick co-founder knows his capabilities and limitations. He is not an ego-centric person.
He put the welfare of his co-workers and interests of the company above his personal priorities. While working on the online payment project that has brought Upclick instant worldwide fame, he did not hesitate to give the credit of the success to his co-workers.

Though a strict disciplinarian, and hard task master, Michael Dadoun, Montreal born resident, is a jovial person too. He eases the tensions of his employees with some jokes and witty remarks and gives the entire work atmosphere a relaxed mood. Being a good listener he always lent his ears to the employees whenever they turned to him with their personal problems.

Michael Dadoun, Upclick CEO and co-founder, understood that the staff is the backbone of a successful company and the entire team will follow and work with enthusiasm only when the leader sets an example. He has time and again proved this in his different roles as an entrepreneur.

Michael Dadoun, Upclick CEO, has successfully brought a Startup to the international market. Michael Dadoun Montreal resident has given online business a safe and secure payment processing platform.