Michael Dadoun in Montreal

Michael Dadoun – An Embodiment of True Leadership

Posted on: July 29, 2015

Good leadership in a company shows – in the way employees work, how the staff communicates with each other, customers and clients, and the by quality of products and services delivered.

Good leadership is personification of good corporate culture.

Michael Dadoun while striving to achieve his goals understood that each one of his employees must feel they are an important part of his company. With this in mind Dadoun encouraged his staff to air their views and suggestions on all important matters including strategizing his company plans.

According to Michael Dadoun, success for a company is much more than a strong bottom line.

“A company must have in its kitty goods and products that add value to customers’ lives, while at the same time provide its employees a great working environment that nurture’s them to grow”.

He further goes on to say, “I want to create a positive work culture at all times, and not just during successful periods. Even during crises, chaos, and economic downturns the morale of my employees must remain high”.

His creation, Upclick, is a sterling example of what good leadership can achieve. Today Upclick is a payment solution platform that has made online payment acceptance easier than anytime before.

Michael Dadoun worked on his core values – that is to develop long term partnership with his clients while executing opportunistic projects. But he also knew that to succeed he must focus on the human element, his partners, employees and clients.

Best-in-breed companies have leaders that invest in the development of their employees.

“I stress on even mid and low performing employees”, says Michael Dadoun. “I believe in synergy that is created when all employees perform to the best of their ability”.

Dadoun walked the talk. In other words he represented his words with actions.


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