Michael Dadoun in Montreal

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For Michael Dadoun, Upclick was built not to be just a run-of-the-mill ecommerce platform. It had to be something much more.

The objective of Dadoun was Upclick must offer digital entrepreneurs fully customized ecommerce integration.

He worked hard for it, and his team, a bunch of true ecommerce professionals did not disappoint him.

Today, Upclick is armed with an assortment of enviable specialties including ecommerce management, custom cart solutions, online marketing, conversion rate optimization and much more.
ecommerceAmong the above specialties, conversion rate optimization needs special mention. Not because others are in any way less important, but for the simple reason conversion rate optimization or CRO in short, focuses on improving the performance of entrepreneurs’ websites.

Michael Dadoun always stressed that digital merchants must strive to enhance the performance of their websites with whatever means possible, including optimization of landing pages and user experience.

But first, here is a quick explanation at what CRO means.

Conversion Rate Optimization is an approach to create an experience for webpage visitors, with the sole objective of increasing the percentage of visitors that finally convert into buyers of goods or services.

Creating a webpage for e-retailing does not automatically translate to sales unless visitors to merchants’ websites finally end up as customers. Web designers in liaison with digital merchants must figure out what users are looking for when they land up at their websites.

Today there is lot of persuasion to businesspersons, government agencies and other entities to go digital in a big way.

It goes without saying that Canada needs to reinforce its digital space even further than what is at present. After all, ecommerce is the workhorse of the future.

Michael Dadoun of Montreal emphasizes that if digital merchants want results they must start by setting goals. “The goal of CRO is to get conversions – not inventive awards”.

Michael Dadoun at Upclick has an expanded vision. His platform Upclick is also providing Premium Technical Support and a World Class Affiliate Marketplace with the objective to help businesses make more money.

Today we need visionaries like Michael Dadoun, to rejuvenate Canada so that it can scale new frontiers.

Michael Dadoun of Montreal is presently CEO of UpClick.com a leading full payment processing solution. He is also associated with Lavasoft and Kutoto Inc.