Michael Dadoun in Montreal

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Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, is one of the most enthusiastic, dedicated, and energetic persons you may have ever met. The way he has driven his organization to success exhibits his worth. The man truly knows how to harness the online marketplace.


One of the qualities of Michael Dadoun is that he knows how to motivate his employees to perform their duties every day with the same zeal and eagerness. Boredom can sneak into any workforce. It is crucial for the CEO to keep his team motivated by introducing newer techniques and incentives. It is also important to recognize employees’ efforts. This does not come easy for everybody.                                                                                                           Role Model in LeadershipThat is why there are a few great CEOs and fewer great leaders. They lead with passion, open-mindedness, single-minded determination, and are able to spread these qualities into others. Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, is one of them. He knows the importance of a high-quality workforce. Without one, it is almost impossible to move ahead in the cut-throat competitive world of business, which has now gone global and virtual.


Michael is a leader who has visions for his organization. He also knows how to put the visions into real life. The second part is inevitable, if one wants success in business. When visions and plans meet, you have a roaring business. This is what Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, has and is flourishing like anything. Thanks to his innate leadership qualities, business acumen, and interpersonal skills, the organization is one of the leading e-solution providers today.