Michael Dadoun in Montreal

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Modern organizations need leaders who have passion for excellence and hard work, leaders like Michael Dadoun. He is the CEO at UpClick, a Montreal based e-commerce organization. The firm offers customized solutions for online enterprises that are powered with feature rich and easy to use sales management tools.

With advances in technologies, intense competition, and the ever changing market dynamics, management is getting more complex and intricate day by day. Leaders who are not comfortable with these intricacies of challenges fail to deliver. Great leaders such as Michael Dadoun of UpClick see these complexities as opportunities.

Routine work will yield routine results. Leaders must constantly experiment with newer ways of handling difficult situations by thinking out of the box. Michael has an unmatched ability to find opportunities where others perceive obstacles. He motivates his workforce to exploit every opportunity to the fullest.

One must have a mind of a child to be able to learn. Inquisitiveness and the will to absorb newer ideas with an open mind is the key to personal development.


If one is not flexible to new ideas there is hardly any scope for further progress. Michael Dadoun is always seeking new ideas and respects contribution from his employees in this regard.

He values his workforce a lot and this reflects from his compassionate attitude towards his employees. No wonder UpClick is on the fast track to success under his able guidance and visionary leadership.

His positive attitude motivates employees to give their best to the organization. Michael Dadoun is sincerely concerned about personal as well as professional growth of his employees.