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Independent market research firm e-Marketer released a study this June 2013 claiming business–to-commerce or B2C will increase by 17 per cent globally, with the worldwide sales touching a whopping $1.2 trillion.

And according to the firm the Asia-Pacific region is driving the growth hardest.

How does such news augur for a person like Michael Dadoun of Montreal?

Michael Dadoun will surely sense that an increase in online shopping dollars will mean great opportunities for making eCommerce platforms even savvier than what they are today.

But such optimistic growth figures also bring challenges that need to be confronted head-on.


In 2012 while e-commerce grew by 16 per cent, cyber crime was up by 23 per cent.

At this stage it may be difficult to guess what online retailers were doing to prevent fraud or to guess how many are investing in prevention.

If digital merchants fail to invest in fraud prevention, it can mean paying more in charge backs. A worst case scenario of increasing charge backs can lead to loss of payment options for the online merchant, and finally loss in business opportunities.

Savvier payment platforms can have features that make online transaction even more secure than what it is today.

With persons like Michael Dadoun of Montreal in the picture we can expect eCommerce to grow without hindrances like cyber crime.

Today, there is no escape for digital merchants but to have simplified e-commerce platforms.

Upclick.com, a novel venture by Michael Dadoun, has provided e-merchants with a best-in-class eCommerce platform that is both easy to use and install.

We can expect more solutions from Michael Dadoun of Montreal to keep pace with the blistering e-Commerce growth.