Michael Dadoun in Montreal

Michael Dadoun’s Passion Level Is Always High

Posted on: May 15, 2013

Michael Dadoun

Heading a modern organization is not easy. Rapid globalization and easy availability of information has greatly shifted the balance of power from the manufacturers of products and services to consumers. A market where customer is the new king has its own unique share of opportunities and threats. An organization can only survive, if it is continuously evolving to build upon its strength and overcome its weaknesses. This can only be done, if the person heading it is a natural leader towards whom people can always look up to for guidance, support, and motivation. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick.com, is one such person. He has the vision, foresightedness, humbleness, charisma, and intelligence that is de rigueur for a person heading a modern organization.


In a fiercely competitive marketplace, only the best can survive. Customers are spoilt for choices and the abundance of organizations has made them fickle with ever shifting loyalties. Even a minor slip can force your organizations to down shutters, as there is no dearth of firms providing quality products at competitive prices. It is imperative for the CEO to be fully aware of the happenings in the marketplace and the ever changing needs and preference of its clients and customers. Michael Dadoun is one such CEO who has the ability to lead his organization to the top. Years of experience has taught him that in the end only the strong will survive.

UpClick.com continues to benefit from the intelligence, expertise, problem solving, and great communication skills of its CEO Michael Dadoun. His passion and engagement keeps the motivation level of his employees high.


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